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KAMS DESIGNER ZONE, is a complete design firm that has stood at the forefront of architecture, interior design, and landscape design for over 16+ years. With a mission to craft spaces that tell stories and evoke emotions, KAM’S DESIGNER ZONE has become a name synonymous with creativity, reliability, and excellence. With a customer-centric approach, KAM’S DESIGNER ZONE offers a unique combination of exclusive design services. Whether you're looking for a complete interior makeover, architectural brilliance, or a stunning landscape design, this Pune-based firm has the expertise to bring your ideas to life. Moreover, we provide you the freedom to choose vendors from our list or bring your own, ensuring that your preferences are always valued.

Featured in the Limelight

At KAM’S DESIGNER ZONE, we are just not confined to the walls of our studio, but our exceptional work has caught the eye of media outlets, leading to features in various news releases. Let's take a glimpse into a couple of highlights. KAM’S DESIGNER ZONE was showcased in the prestigious "Business Standard" for bringing a fresh approach to traditional practices and revamping the way people think about interior design. Alongside, we have also been featured on various platforms for our commendable work, like Zee5, Lokmat Times, Daily Hunt, Entrepreneur India, and many more. To know more about us and what we do, reach out to us and transform your dream home into reality.

Media coverage

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