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KAM’S DESIGNER ZONE is an Interior Design Firm headquartered at Pune established in the year of 2007 having professional practice in Interior Design, Architecture and Landscape Designing that offers turnkey project management and exclusive interior design services.
We are a group of innovative minds eager to take creative challenges and providing wide range of design ideas for developing residential spaces in all over India. We approach each project with a holistic vision! We desire to create cost-effective designing wonders that are reflection of the people living in those spaces. We transform houses into warm & inviting beautiful homes. Our designs are ever evolving and inspiring. We strive towards excellence and becoming the top-most interior design company in the region.
Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and keep building the portfolio of satisfied customers. Our team of expert Interior Designer In Pune is well-equipped to handle all kinds of projects and assignments.

Interior Designer Firm in Pune


Welcome to KAMS DESIGNER ZONE, where creativity knows no bounds. Our dynamic duo, Kamal Joshi and Meenakshi Joshi, lead this multi-disciplinary interior design firm based in Pune.

With a passion for innovation, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a diverse portfolio that spans from luxury residences to premium offices, we are here to transform your spaces into extraordinary living and working environments.

Interior Designer Firm in Pune

Our Journey and Background

Ar. Kamal Joshi: I, Kamal Joshi, hail from a middle-class family in Pune, Maharashtra, with roots in Uttarakhand. Despite initial resistance from my father, I followed my passion for architecture and graduated from MarathwadaMitra Mandal College of Architecture in 2004. This journey led me to become a registered Architect and ultimately, one half of KAMS DESIGNER ZONE.

Meenakshi Joshi: I am Meenakshi Joshi, a graduate in Arts with a Master's degree from Bareilly University. After my marriage to Kamal Joshi, I decided to explore interior designing to support him. My journey from being an Arts graduate to becoming the Design Director of KAMS DESIGNER ZONE has been truly inspiring, driven by my love for colors and intricate designs.

Choosing the Path of Interior Design

Kamal Joshi: After completing my BArch, I gained valuable experience in architecture. However, I realized that working on architectural projects often led to challenges in securing approvals and timely completions. This led us to shift our focus solely to interior design.

Meenakshi Joshi: My journey in interior design began with supporting my husband in architectural tasks. However, we both felt that our talents were underutilized in the architectural field. This realization led us to pivot towards interior design.

Education and Recommendations

Kamal Joshi: I completed my architectural degree at MarathwadaMitra Mandal College of Architecture, Pune. While education is important, practical experience plays a significant role in this field.

Meenakshi Joshi: I pursued a Master's in Arts from Bareilly University and supplemented it with practical experience, which I believe is more valuable.

Embracing Design Trends

Kamal Joshi: We believe in adopting a maximalist approach to design, ensuring that our work remains relevant for years. Pastel shades with wooden accents can create timeless interiors.

Meenakshi Joshi: Exploring new, durable materials that fit our clients' budgets is crucial. Combining white walls with pastel shades and lighter furniture creates fresh and spacious interiors.

Finding Inspiration

Kamal Joshi: Our inspiration often comes from our clients' ideas. Understanding their needs and translating their imaginations into designs is our primary focus.

Meenakshi Joshi: In our experience, clients, including their children, often have creative ideas. We enjoy bringing those ideas to life.

Challenges in the Field

Kamal Joshi: Execution is a major challenge, ensuring projects are completed as per design, within budget, and on time. Maintaining relationships with vendors and clients is also essential.

Meenakshi Joshi: Matching designs to clients' budgets and managing tight timelines are challenging aspects of our work.

Favorite Books

Kamal Joshi: "Rich Dad Poor Dad" has been an inspiration for me, guiding my life and business principles.

Meenakshi Joshi: "Eat That Frog" taught me the importance of focusing on the most important tasks to succeed.


Kamal Joshi: Our philosophy is to not just meet but exceed our clients' expectations. We focus on perfection, attention to detail, and creating aesthetically pleasing designs. We manipulate space, light, and flow intelligently.

Meenakshi Joshi: KAMS DESIGNER ZONE is a multi-disciplinary practice that tailors its research and design services to each client's needs. We aim to provide unique and identity-defining designs for every project.

Favorite Project and Most Challenging Project

Kamal Joshi: Our own Sky Duplex project, where we incorporated eclectic style, minimalist design, pastel shades, and natural elements, has been a personal favorite.

Meenakshi Joshi: The recent luxury interior villa project stands out due to its interplay of bold colors and metallics, challenging yet captivating.

Sources of Inspiration

Kamal Joshi: My family and interactions with vendors and designers inspire me to keep innovating.

Meenakshi Joshi: Nature, new materials, industry events, and networking with fellow designers continually expand my creative horizons.

At KAMS DESIGNER ZONE, we are committed to creating exceptional designs that stand the test of time, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Join us in transforming spaces and making dreams a reality.


Love what you do

We love what we do, and we want to help you do the same. We’re passionate about creating you a space that helps energise your staff and allows your whole organisation to work to its full potential.


To guide you to the right decisions, we’re open in our approach. We’ll explain all the options, so you understand exactly what you’re buying and why, and how much it will cost.


Our designers have the skill to define the best creative solutions for your interiors. But our creativity doesn’t stop there. Our whole team has the problem-solving ability to overcome challenges and keep your project on track.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We work in close collaboration with you, taking care to listen and respond to your needs. We even assign you your own project manager to oversee fit out and furnish.

Our Projects

Why choose us

Why kams designer

Kams Design Zone has highly qualified interior designers and team members, to give that ‘WOW factor’ to your residential/commercial space(s) . Years of experience and expertise has led to this fantastic team building and work environment, which results in your project being in good hands who will never fail you.

Interior designers are stand solid towards the commitments they make hence ensuring we deliver what we promise. We assure you of the quality of work and are with you in every step that you take, right from your initial discussions to your housewarming function. We are here for you with our expertise in selection and consultancy giving your project the care and attention it deserves.

Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colours, lighting, and materials. Kams Interior designers workclosely to take care of details and your preferences, to determine how interior spaces will function, look, and be furnished. Interior designers are aware of building codes and inspection regulationsas well as universal accessibility standards.

Kams interior designers work from Monday to Saturday, our office hours being 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. We make sure each client gets individual attention as we strive towards complete satisfaction of the clients.The executive assigned to your project shall be readily available to connect and communicate most of the times, or if not feasible at the said moment, they shall get back to you at the earliest. Site visits by our site representatives shall be arranged according to requirements.

Kams Designer Zone is a full service architectural and Interior Designer firm in Pune offering each and every client, a combination of imaginative design, expertise, and intense involvement. Our reputation is based on providing the highest quality of professional services to every client. We produce work that is innovative, and practical, while keeping in mind the social, economic, environmental and aesthetic issues relevant to each project.

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