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What is the Difference between Designers and Decorators ?

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The terms of the interior designer and interior decorator are totally different to each other. Both have the same work to decorate their space. According to customer requirements, designers study customer needs and act accordingly. The design is actually artistic. An interior designer can decorate. But, an interior decorator can not design.

Finding a technical solution with the resources available is the main job of an interior designer. An interior designer has a professional title and a license. While, an interior decorator does not. That's why decorators do not design. The difference between interior designers and interior decorators are given below.

The interior spaces of life and work are amply created by an interior designer. An interior designer will be able to work with the available spaces and improve the quality of life of the resident. According to the society of interior designers, any designer should be very concerned about their work. The designers also the requirements of regularity and safety standards, according to their needs.

New technologies and computerized design features allow interior designers to work in virtual life today. This makes the customer understand the concepts of the designer to the core. Interior designers have an important knowledge of Architecture, Design, Art History and Furniture.

The best interior designers have an extensive knowledge of their interior materials, products, equipment and finishes. An experienced designer has the training and experience to program, plan, manage and execute your project from start to finish.

The best interior designers have a good knowledge of communication. Because designers have to communicate to their customers directly through their projects. Therefore, communication is more important for each designer.

Interior decorator does not design a new space. Instead, they decorate the existing designed space and enhance the appearance of space. Any fashionable and beautiful thing that occupies an interior space can be considered as decorating.

Interior decorators are mainly engaged in decoration: furniture, fabrics, painting and accessories, which change the visual impression of a space. The decorator modulates the color of the walls, includes decorative elements, types of finishes to the space. An interior decorator does not hit the walls and change the structure and shape of the building.

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