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What are the latest modular wardrobe designs

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In this busy schedule of life, wardrobes have become a quintessential part of our house furniture to stay organized on an everyday basis. Modular wardrobes are wardrobes that can be easily dismantled and rearranged to fit into other places as well. Most businessmen and businesswomen are highly dependent on modular wardrobes as they need to get up daily for office wears and even on any auspicious occasions. Let’s explore some wardrobe design ideas.

Let’s dive into a few wardrobe design ideas that can be beneficial to interior designers while designing and decorating any new house. 

A wardrobe with drawers and a bookshelf

This is one of the most unconventional wardrobe design ideas that can be utilized by any interior designer or in person. It’s highly recommended to those who love reading books on various matters and topics. A wardrobe encapsulated with a bookshelf frees a person from buying any separate bookshelf for keeping all the stock and collection of books at home. This kind of wardrobe helps in making the desired room space look more spacious. 

A wardrobe with a shoe box and a dresser

Are your shoes, cosmetic items, and other dressing accessories scattered here and there in the entire house lying down at inappropriate places such as on the center table, dining table, sofa sets, or any other irrelevant places? Then it’s time to buckle up as a new modular wardrobe encapsulated with a shoe box and a dresser is one of the latest wardrobe design ideas where there’s a proper place of racks for keeping shoes and a dresser area where a person can keep all the cosmetic items and wearable accessories in place so that it’s easier to wear them as and when needed. One doesn’t need to keep searching for these wearables that could help save time as well.

L-shaped wardrobe

These are the most commonly used wardrobe design ideas, especially to cover up corner spaces that not only enhance the entire bedroom space but also increase the functionality for all the members residing in that house. The sliding doors in the L-shaped wardrobes make them more preferred options compared to all the other modular wardrobe designs and styles.

Sloped wardrobes

These kinds of wardrobes are best suited for those houses that contain sloping roofs or ceilings. They are one of the most versatile forms of wardrobe design ideas as they help in creating a useful storage place under the staircase as well. It enhances the entire room space from a functionality point of view as well as people living in the house can arrange both discarded and in-use clothes in place without dumping here and there.

Customized wardrobes

Does your bedroom have nooks and crannies? Wanna change them into functional spaces?. Then it’s time to get ready with customized wardrobe design ideas that can turn even the dirtiest corner of the bedroom look more neat and functional that can help in keeping accessories and other belongings safely. Whether it's the number of shelves or outer appearances, customizable wardrobes help in designing wardrobes as per customers’ needs and requirements.

A wardrobe with a glass and aluminum shutter

Tinted glass and wooden accents are an excellent way to add a touch of luxury and can be regarded as one of the best modular wardrobe design ideas. Apart from this, these sheer wardrobes can also be decorated with LED (Light emitting diodes) lights so that all the arranged and hanging clothes are clearly visible to the person even the bedroom’s lights are switched off. The wooden feature in this glass wardrobe can be either in a laminated form or veneers(thin layer of wood that gives a finer or stronger structure).

Wall divider wardrobes

These kinds of modular wardrobes are generally suitable for studio apartments or small rooms. A person can utilize the wall divider wardrobe as a TV unit as well when bored of keeping clothes and wearable accessories inside it. Smaller homes usually contain a divider wall that is converted into either a wardrobe or a TV unit and that’s what its name suggests as a “wall divider” wardrobe and are usually considered as one of the most important wardrobe design ideas.

A shutter wardrobe with a study unit

An attached study unit with a wardrobe is one of the most useful wardrobe design ideas, especially for teenagers. It contains lots of storage spaces along with the study unit which are highly beneficial for adolescents as well as elderly people who love reading and writing stories as their favorite timepass. Besides this, one can even utilize this space for office work as well by hanging out with the perfect chair and table duo.

Key Takeaways

We usually tend to make wardrobes seem uninteresting, which isn’t true at all. They can wear various shades because of their varied shapes and functionalities. The design and style of wardrobes totally depend on how far one can extend one’s imagination. We hope the above compilation is helpful enough to make people familiar with various modular wardrobe design ideas that can be utilized by any interior designer or customer.

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