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Interesting Facts About the Psychology of Interior Design

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The interior design of the home is more than just an aesthetic pursuit as it’s closely related to psychological aspects of human behaviours as well. By understanding and inculcating the psychological principles while designing homes, the interior designers in Pune can create spaces that would not only look beautiful but also foster happiness, productivity, and peace altogether. 

The spaces we inhabit play a pivotal role in shaping human emotions and behaviours. The entire human life revolves around human psychology whether it's for materialistic needs or non-materialistic needs. 

Let’s take a dive into different aspects of interior design where psychology plays a pivotal role in determining the taste and choice of the desired customer. 

The Emotional Impact of colour

Colour has been the most intriguing, fundamental, and influential aspects of interior design. Colour selection plays a prominent role in determining the success or failure of the entire interior design theme. We, at Kams Designer Zone strive to connect with each and every customer by imparting colour schemes of their choices while providing our interior design services to them.

Some colours tend to make us feel happy and positive, while others can actually bring our mood down, making us feel restless, dull, or unmotivated.
The right colour combination of colours can transform a good project into a true work of art. Colours convey moods, help transform rooms by making them optically different, and help us achieve a balance between the interiors and the ambience.

The Role of Lighting in Mood Regulation

Lighting is one of the most pivotal interior design elements in all commercial and residential spaces. It not only helps in creating a welcoming and productive environment but also helps in enhancing the aesthetic value of the space. We, at Kams Designer Zone, believe that lighting holds the absolute key to a good interior design. It not only influences the space perception, ambience, and mood of the people but also holds a great scope for increasing the efficiency quotient of the space.

It’s even scientifically proven that lightning conditions can affect the productivity levels of people. Lightning even helps in creating the illusion of the space where interior designers find aesthetic ways to cast more light in the darker sections of the building, home, or any commercial space. Thus, people nowadays are investing in smart lighting solutions as every individual has a different taste of their own visions. While some may feel more productive in dim or dull lightings , others may feel more energetic in a brightly lit ambience.

Moreover, it’s very important to maintain a balance between natural light and artificial light. It’s the tendency of natural lights to boost our serotonin levels that enhances happiness among people while artificial lights generate fatigue and discomfort among people. 

The Influence of Space and Layouts

Spaces and Layouts also play a crucial role in determining human psychological behaviours and emotions. We, at Kams Designer Zone in Pune, pay great attention to space and layouts before proceeding with the interior decoration of the desired space. 

The more open the space, the more freedom and creative we feel whereas we often feel stressed and tensed in cluttered and disarranged spaces. Hence, effective designing of the specified space not only provides ease of movements within the space, but also makes the entire space functional in all aspects. 

The Sensory Experience of Textures and Materials

Textures and materials play a subtle communicator in response to peripheral contacts with human skin. While soft and cozy fabrics, especially ones that are made out of cotton impart a feel of ease and comfort, hard and rough synthetic fabrics are generally uninviting and may even cause skin rashes to those who are highly sensitive to outside materials.

Interior Designers in Pune pay great attention to the fabrics and materials that’s being used while doing the interior decoration of any home. We make sure that most of the decorating pieces are made out of natural earthly materials which are not only skin -friendly but are also decomposed easily in the soil once we discard them.  

The Personalization of Specific Spaces 

Incorporating personal hand-made artifacts and other personalized collages of photographs shooted by the desired person of any flora or fauna can encourage relaxation and social interaction with the guests whoever arrives to that specific room of the house. 

We at, Kams Designer Zone are flexible enough to help craft any customer’s home by imbibing the artifacts and wall arts of his or her own choice. By doing so, it will help out the customer to resonate with the entire interior design of that space giving him or her a feel of utmost comfort and ease. 

The Influence of Greenery

The lush green nature has a very significant effect in maintaining calmness and tranquility among people who are stressed out from the daily hectic work and home schedules both. Installing short heighted potted plants inside either a living room or bedroom can enhance the entire ambience of the room space, instilling a sense of calmness in the minds of all those who occupies that space. 

Apart from this, some indoor plants also keep away flies and mosquitos and helps in protection against any sort of infectious diseases.

Wrapping up

The psychology of interior design can indicate how businesses design their layout depending on the types of services or products they're selling. The colors of the furniture one picks up can also impact how others perceive that person.

An interior designer may be able to help make changes to the interior of the home, but a therapist or counselor related to interior design is typically the most ideal professional to help manage the customer’s mental health, especially if he or she is experiencing any sort of mental health challenges in life which has become quite common all across the world. In case a person is interested in learning more about color psychology or wants support in improving his or her mood through design, then an Interior Designer in Pune is right at your doorstep to give the finest of all results until now. Contact us today and book a free appointment. 


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