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Tips to use mirrors in interior design Kams Designer

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Mirror plays an important role to in decoration, art and drama. Mirrors are involving in our number of daily activities. The mirror plays a role of the best object in interior design to create eye catchy and dramatic design views. The team of Interior Designer in Baner, Pune gives some helpful tips to decorate your home in more simple and easy way with the help of a mirror.

1. Mirror for Art Decoration: Hang group of same or different shape mirrors on a certain wall to create new life feel in a plain wall. The mirror works as ideal art decoration element with reflection character. It can be small size, large size, having same color frames or different color frames depends on your likeness & wall suite.

2. Use Mirror for Focal Point Creation: Mirror works as perfect focal point object in space. Use small size mirrors with big shape border or large size mirrors both look attractive.

3. Use Mirror as a Decorative Window: Mirror uses to add light in space like the window. You can use mirror as a window in the room to create more brightens and lively environment. It's perfectly useful for the windowless room.

4. Place Mirror in Entryway:  Place mirror in your entryway to welcome your friends, family members and guest in a more inviting, shiny and lovely way. Mirrors can feel any room more attractive, but mostly designers prefer to put mirrors in a foyer or entryway. Interior Designer knows better how to decorate a foyer or Entryway to create functional look.

5. To create Garden view : Create outdoor garden view in indoor environment by simple placing a large size mirrors opposite to window that lead to the garden area.

6. Use mirror to enlarge space: Small size room view can be enlarging by using mirror by placing it in a perfect location. They have the ability to expand space visual effect.

7. Lighten space with Mirrors:  Increase the quantity of natural light comes in a room through window by placing mirrors opposite side to the window. The larger shape mirror can brighten the space more than small shape mirror. Mirrors can double the light sources in the room. As the decoration point of view, you can also put the mirror in the opposite of lamp.

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