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Tips to Designing your Home Pooja Unit

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A temple is a building that is constructed for religious and spiritual activities like prayers and sacrifice. Most Indian homes have a room or a dedicated space that reflects their religious affiliations. A pooja room brings serenity and a sense of the divine to even the most modern homes and works wonders in erasing negativity.  

A pooja room should have a serene ambiance. Therefore, one should refrain from cluttering it with too many images or idols as this will create a visual distraction and interfere with the calmness in the area. Additionally, pooja rooms should be used only for storing pooja-related items.

 Like with other areas in the house, the lighting system in the pooja room dictates its elegance. When one is looking for ideas for small pooja room designs, clever illumination can be the solution that distracts from the limited area available for the pooja area. Since the pooja area should have a tranquil vibe, it’s best to stay away from focus lights or spotlights and instead opt for ambient lighting with jali designs.

Colors play a crucial role in determining the overall Vastu for Puja Room. As per the Vastu expert, the ideal color for the puja room depends on its directional zone. Light, bright and serene colors are the best options for the pooja room or pooja unit.  

In houses and large apartments, it is possible to create a pooja room interior design that is elaborate and ornate. Even small rooms, with clever design, can achieve the right spiritual ambiance. So at the time of designing your home pooja room, you can take ideas from online sources or also consult with Interior Designer. They can also help you to pick right color, lighting and designing theme for your home pooja unit design.