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Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

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With the continuous evolving desires and tastes of people, the kitchen of any home has become more of a living room rather than being a place of just cooking. A kitchen has become the centre of many activities in any home and often plays multiple roles in our life. 

Apart from being a place of cooking, a kitchen can be regarded as a perfect place of learning where a person can learn to concentrate on the physical movements of hands based on active consciousness of the brain, an artistic space where one can play by articulating creative ideas to decorate it, a place to relax our mind from monotonous daily routine and office related works, and a place to unite together to embark on meaningful conversations and gossips on any kind of topics.

Interior Designers in Pune fulfill all these desires of customers as per their needs and demands by providing a vast range of kitchen design ideas with keen attention to detail, the interior designers in Pune try their best to represent themselves in the best possible way, alluring customers by fostering with the utmost quality services to them. 
Let’s take a glance into some of the best kitchen interior design ideas as per customer’s needs and demands. 

Installing Smart Storage Units

Are you fond of purchasing exquisite dinnerware or serveware sets and wondering where to keep those safely? It’s time to get freed of this stress as we, at Kams Designer Zone brings forth an amazing kitchen design ideas of using smart storage units that not only help in keeping the delicate dinnerware sets safely, but can even help organizing a large number of food goods, cutlery, and other objects as well leaving the kitchen countertop clutter-free to cook with ease. 

The tall cabinets installed either below or above the kitchen countertop slab provide substantial storage to store containers and utensils of larger size that might be difficult to fit into other storage units. 

Installing Pull-Out Drawers

The use of pull-out drawers is one of the best kitchen interior design ideas that are not only convenient and easy to use but in fact, they are even very useful to keep small glass jars safely in place including some other small cutleries such as peelers, knives, spoons, tongs, etc. when not in use. Interior Designers in Pune are experts in crafting and designing pull drawers that smoothly slides as per the convenience of users so that they can use them instantly without any difficulty in opening these. 

Fitting in a Kitchen Island

In case, the kitchen arena has a large space in anyone’s home, then it is one of the best kitchen design ideas to fit a kitchen island at the centre of the kitchen arena. A kitchen island is not only advantageous from the utility purpose, but also serves as the focal point of attention for everyone whoever resides in the home or those who are being invited to home. At Kams Designer Zone, we bring forth built-in burners on kitchen island for speedy meal or dinner preparation. The idea of kitchen island design is an ideal for those families who have large members and who love to enjoy the comfort of home.

In-built spaces for electronic appliances

In order to avoid a clutter-free kitchen space, it’s one of the best kitchen design ideas to  provide an ample space for electronic appliances such as mixer grinder, microwave oven, air fryers, juicer, etc. on the demands of customers beforehand. This leaves the kitchen countertop slab neat and clutter free to carry out the cooking process with much ease and comfort. These inbuilt spaces also help in maintaining the symmetry of the entire kitchen space with easy access to all the appliances used for cooking purposes.

Inculcating Adequate Lighting

Since the kitchen is the most functional part of the entire home, a proper and decent lighting solution is a must  before executing any kitchen interior design ideas to their final outcomes. We, at Kams Designer Zone, bring forth amazing wall mounted fixtures and cabinet lighting with the help of Interior Designers in Pune that not only enhances the overall appearance of the kitchen design, but also makes it well-lit so that it’s easier for any person to cook food safely and properly.

Choosing subtle colour combinations

As we have even discussed in our previous blog that colours play a crucial role in understanding the psychology of any person, and therefore subtle colour combinations of not more than two colours actually makes the kitchen look more spacious even if it has a compact design. Apart from creating an illusion of large space, the subtle colour combinations even look cool and are eye soothing as well. Hence, it is advisable for customers to contact to Interior Designers in Pune beforehand while planning and designing for any kitchen interior design ideas.

Anti-skid flooring

Being the most functional part of the entire home, it is always recommended to have anti-skid flooring inside the kitchen while using any kind of stone or marble for its build up. However, wooden flooring would be an ideal choice for a kitchen if someone is consciously thinking about the flooring work. A good flooring, not just in terms of colour and material, but also in terms of overall polish is always among efficient kitchen interior design ideas. Moreover, it would be double profitable if the kitchen flooring is scratch resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. To induce all these flooring qualities. Interior Designers in Pune bring an exquisite range of ceramic, vinyl, and laminate flooring designs fostering the needs and desires of every customer. Apart from being affordable, these flooring materials also come in a wide range of colours and designs. 

Using Patterns and Textures

Playing with patterns and textures inside a kitchen can be also a good idea for those who exhibit frequent mood swings in life.  The textures and patterns made of either wood, glass, stone, or metal would be good options for any kitchen design ideas. Apart from adding an extra beauty to the kitchen, these textures and patterns of various materials also help in keeping the people’s mood in an active state forever while cooking so that the food is being cooked consciously with an utmost happy mood.

Wrapping Up

We hope this compilation has served as a useful source of inspiration for both, the customers who are planning to spend in designing a modular kitchen for their homes and the interior designers in Pune who are ready to provide either the final service or free consultation services of kitchen interior design ideas to the respective customers or clients. 
It’s crucial to scrutinize the kitchen space carefully before the implication of its final design process so that it can provide maximum benefits to the house owner from both the functional and aesthetic points of view. Are you looking for a kitchen interior designer in Pune? Then contact us today.


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