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Ideas to Select Curtains for Living Room

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When you are thinking about home renovation the first thing you think is flooring, furniture and overall interior design theme. But with all these things you don't miss one of the other important things that add more beauty to home decor. The Curtains...!!! 

From privacy to that extra attractive and eye catchy mark, curtains work perfectly both functionally and aesthetically. Curtains are not only one of the important thing in decor but also help in creating the right mood for your home. So here are some tips or ideas for choosing the curtains for your living room space.

Consider the Material:
    The choice of materials depends on the purpose and how old they hold up over the years. if your window present in a sunny spot then choose such type of curtains that does not fade easily. Thin linen or silk sheers in light color are the best choices of curtains that suites to those windows which directly exposed to sunlight.

Consider the Color:  Color also is one of the most important things to take into consideration at the time of selecting curtains. Always choose the curtains colors that suites with the overall room design theme. The neutral palette of grey and white is reflected in the drapes as well and makes for an elegant, luxe aesthetic. If you want to make different and want your curtains to look in contrast, then choose hues that are on opposite ends of the spectrum. 

Consider the Style:
For choosing the material for curtains the decor theme and style of curtains also plays the major role. If your living room is classically styled, you can opt for traditional pleated curtains that are tied back on either side and are hung from floor-to-ceiling. You can add scalloped valances, or have the top of the curtains disappear behind the false ceiling, as in this living room below.

Consider the Length:
Curtains length depends on the type of a look we want room. If you want a curtains that make unique and beautiful style statements, then consider a full length pair that reach the ground or even an extra long length which then puddles on the floor, creating a luxurious and stylish look.

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