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Design Roof for Your Home with Residential Interior Designer in Pune

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Roof is an one of the most overlooked object in the house structure can change entire look of home. There are lots of amazing types of roof designs are greatly used in roof structure from some years. Architect are always look a roof design which suitable for all aspect like money, weather and functionality. We kams Designer team of Architect and Interior Designer in Pune believes that simple and modern roof designs always honour with wow!!!! expressions.

Here are various surprising roof designs for home used in Residential Interior Designing :

Flat Roof : Flat roof are famous designs for modern Residential Interior Design projects. It's also used on large demand in Commercial Designing sector, Because It’s not having visible slope and virtually disappear. In residential project flat roof used as extra living space as a gardening. It is also used to fix solar panels to enhance energy efficiency in house. Flat roof designs are cost -effective and use less material for construction. Maintenance expenditure are high in case of flat designs as they are prone to water leakage. This are proof as best roof design in area not having high rainfall and snowfall.

Gable Roof : Gable roof designs are less expensive and easy to construct. Their shape are sloped helps to prevent house from rainfall and snowfall and leaks. Its suitable for most weathers conditions. It's a commonly used roof type in most of regions.

Butterfly Roof: Shape of a butterfly roof is V-shaped same as a butterfly wings. Its look more stylish and attractive designs with good color theme. This designs is Eco-friendly suitable for larger size windows construction. Windows useful to get more sunlight. This Roof shape design make easy to fix solar panels and water storage. This complex design is highly cost to construct. It's also expensive to maintain than other roof designs.

Hip Roof : In hip roof design of roof all sides are slope downwards to the wall at a consistent angle. It is another one famous and commonly used design choice of architecture. Hip roof are more costly than gable roof, because its require more material to design. Hips roof are low susceptible to high winds and has good water drainage in rainfall and snowfall.  It is best roof design to resist weather conditions.

Roof protects your dwelling, adds value to your home design and save expenses on heating and cooling system costs. The way of the roof design can have more effect on entire house look. Roof design selection are mostly depends on area climate, structure shape and dimension and clients requirement and choices.

It's a good decision to hire professional consult to design your roof to make ideal overlook. Architect and Residential interior Designer in Pune have best knowledge and experience of how and where to use specific design of roof to make your house more attractive and functional.

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