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Best Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

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As summer heat swells, we can only blame the scorching heat on the effect of global warming, deforestation, pollution. Turning the air conditioning on is a quick way to stay cool at home. However, this easy option is also a big hole burner in the wallet! In addition, it is certainly not environmentally friendly. Kam’s designer zone comes up with the best interior designer in Aundh tips to keep your home cool this summer.


Come summer and you need to ditch those transparent curtains that allow sunlight to spy in. Nowadays, you get a variety of curtains, blinds and blinds that will give any room a comfortable feel. You can opt for honeycomb tones, plantation shutters or curtains in a cool blue or green with a triple-liner. Honeycomb curtains and plantation shutters help prevent heat from entering homes through windows. Curtains can be used in combination with some shades. Alternatively, a window film may also be used on the glass panel to block heat. Such movies are also an easy solution to have a cooler home.


Well, we're back to basics! Let nature take control of the natural cooling of your home by planting deciduous trees around the house. These trees are ideal for summer because they have large format leaves to block the heat. Also, when it is winter, they will peel off their leaves and allow sunlight through peep! Another crafty idea is to grow some climbing vines over the hottest part of your house. The vines also add beauty to the house as they grow in the wires kept within walking distance of the wall. This will allow them to take a beautiful shape on the wall.


The high levels of humidity in the house can increase the heat. Check the level using an extractor in the bathroom just after your shower. This will turn moisture into dry air. Also, change your indoor plants away from your room. Plants also produce a lot of moisture content when placed inside the house. You can find a shady spot on the balcony. Here is the hope that your summer is going much cooler this year. Stay tuned to this space to learn interesting trends of interior design for the summer.

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