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Amazing Modular Kitchen Trends in 2017

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The kitchen in one of the most popular rooms of the house, acting not only as the place where nutritious meals are created, but also as a meeting place for the family after a long and hard day at school. As a result, an interior designer is working more and more to create spaces that are well lit, safe for the family to congregate and comfortable enough to encourage people to want to meet there again and again. Bright paintings, plush seats, elegant kitchen appliances and other design elements are just a few aspects that designers continue to incorporate into the kitchen decor to ensure perfect cuisine and socialize the space. Experts in designing projects that cooking as a social place will continue to be a good trend in 2017 and other years. In addition, the following trends will prove to be extremely popular:

The black and white kitchen
Black and white works with virtually any color and can be incorporated into any kitchen decoration project. If you choose to go for white with black accents to create a more roomy or black feel to create a somber mood, there is a black and white color scheme for you. You can paint walls, countertops, cabinets and even furniture in the desired colors, or choose to buy appliances in this color scheme in order to achieve the look you want.

Smart appliances

Intelligent appliances and kitchen appliances will continue to facilitate cooking, cleaning, chopping, mixing and other activities. Items such as intelligent thermometers, WIFI controlled ovens, refrigerators with cameras that allow you to view the contents of your refrigerator remotely and many others continue to appear in many kitchens. In addition, product designers are creating aesthetically pleasing products in a variety of colors so you can choose the appliances that fit your overall décor color scheme.

Functional cabinets

Top-down closets, as well as those incorporating a variety of functions, will remain very popular in 2017. Pocket doors will become especially popular among people whose kitchens have limited space as a way to create more storage.

Return to nature

Decorators and homeowners will continue to incorporate natural elements into the kitchen décor, including wood accents, clay fixtures, terracotta floors and many others.

Dark floors

The dark floors that add a sense of warmth to the kitchens with light walls and accessories is another trend to observe in 2017. Kitchen decor trends can provide some inspiration for your own decoration project, giving you the information you need to get started in creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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