Flat Interior Design of Mr. Tejas Kulkarni

The Design scheme for the Mr. Tejas Kulkarni Flat combines lot of visual inspirations and numbers of well-designed furniture items to create colorful but luxurious and beautiful Interior spaces.

The Hall is beautifully set with decor items, furniture, lighting and flowers pot. The cream and brownish color sofa set is used and yellowish colors pillows put on the sofa set.  

The bedroom contain king size golden colors bed. The wallpaper and lighting makes bedroom environment inviting, fresh and living. The gallery is designed with beautiful greenery, its create natural and peaceful environments.

The Parallel Kitchen Interior Design is used to create space free, well structured Kitchen design. Cabinets, Shelves and drawer provide sufficient storage space to store kitchen appliances. Our team of Flat Interior Designer in Pune focuses on creating the well interior home with possible use of available space.

We use creative, modern, traditional interior design ideas to create this flat beautiful one's. Kams Designer Zone provides best Interior solutions that not only meet your needs but also delight you with top quality and price.

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