Factory Design for Mr. Dhawade

Chimbali Phata

An industrial design renders an object attractive or appealing, thus increasing its marketability and adding to its commercial value. The design may be three-dimensional based on the shape or surface of the object, or two-dimensional based on the object’s patterns, lines or colors. Novelty, originality and visual appeal are essential if an industrial design is to be patented, although these criteria can differ from one country to another. Its aesthetic features should not be imposed by the technical functions of the product.
We are a team of Modern Interior Designer in Alandi, Dighi Pune who believe in converting your imagination into reality.

      1. We provide the best designing services with unique and creative designs. We are sure that you will be surprised           to see the end-result of the work done by us.
      2.Customize Solutions: We understand your needs and try to create a balance between our creativity and your                personal taste.
      3. Satisfaction Assurance: We provide world class services at friendly rates for the convenience of customers.
      4. Support: We support you with all your latest interior designing ideas and plans.  

  • Scope Of Work
  • Duration2 Year
  • Year Of Completion2016