Salon Interior Design - Fascino Salon

Kaspate Wasti, Pune

We are a group of professional commercial Interior Designer in kaspate Wasti, Pune has designed the interior of Fascino Saloon constructed at kaspte Vasti in Pune where customers get their hair treatment and other saloon services. Saloon interior designing need an good scene of creativity and modernity. It’s a place where people not only come for beauty and hair treatment but also come to hang out and share ideas and skill.

Upon entering, a welcome desk place to the left and a long sized sofa in front of the desk. The sofa and chairs along with table beside it serves as waiting area where customers can read magazines and newspaper, enjoy drink or have consultation. We tried to give contrast color theme that looks luxurious and really high end but with a modern touch.

There are black armchairs are arranged in row with large sized front wall mirror. The drover cabinets are also structured on both sides of mirror to put jewelry and appliances. We cover overall all the space and corner to create a space where customers could move around freely and not restricted to sitting in one position.

In this project, we try to fix all of the issues that you commonly face in saloon from an interior design point of view. We interior saloon with a unique and living design approach, to impress customers and boost functionality. Their interior create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation that built up the entire saloon experience.

  • Scope Of Work
  • Duration
  • Year Of Completion2017