Bungalow Interior Design for Mr. Kiran Sakhare

Hinjewadi, Pune

Interior Designer in Hinjewadi, Pune has built the bungalow of Mr. Kiran Sakhare in the Hinjewadi area at pune. This Bungalow in Hinjewadi for two brothers has been designed keeping in mind the provision to divide the bungalow easily into two. The bungalow has been provided with two main entrances for future aspects. Only a brickwork covering the staircase would divide the two bungalows with similar planning on both the floors.

This bungalow make natural by surrounding well decorated garden. It is one of the most pleasantly done projects represent the creativity and skill of our design engineers and the use of modern techniques has contribute to create the admirable one. The brown color line design and stone cladding cover window side area to look attractive and looks manner. We focus to create sufficient space in this architecture design project which convenient for residence of two families.

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