Bungalow Design for Mr. Ashok Ghewde

Bhosari, Pune

Kams Designer is a team of architects and interior designer in Moshi efforts to give pleasant and sensitive atmosphere. We build architectural structure plans in entire styles for all budgets.

We cater our clients with best architecture and interior design services. The gorgeous architectural bungalow of Mr. Ashok Ghewde is one another outstanding project done by us. This residential bungalow of 5000sqft plot placed in Bhosari area in pune has been designed keeping in mind the parking floor which is free of F.S.I. the bungalow has been designed in a vault and straight lines concept.

The vault structure is just a dummy structure, having a flat slab for the inner rooms of the bungalow. Use of glazing and stone cladding adds beauty to the design. There is also a little bit greenery to enjoy fresh air in polluted city atmosphere. We design a wall compound to solve security issue.

Overall house is done with a contrast rich gray color combination theme with little yellow and brown color touch. Our firm is works delicately to develop well defined and innovative solutions for  residential and commercial architecture projects.

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