Commercial Interior designer IN PUNE

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Commercial, sometimes also referred to as contract, design focuses on the design, professional design team coordination, planning, budgeting, specifying/purchasing and furnishings installation of interior environments used for commercial, government or educational purposes.  

Many designers specialize in one or more of the following areas of commercial interior designer in Pune.      

Entertainment design brings together the use of interiors, lighting, sound and other technologies for movies, television, videos, dramatic and musical theater, clubs, concerts, theme parks and industrial projects.

Facilities Management
A facilities manager develops schedules for building upkeep and maintenance, addressing safety and health issues and lighting and acoustics needs. A facilities manager also plans and coordinates office moves or expansions, and serves as project manager during construction or renovation.

A government designer is familiar with the very specific needs and requirements associated with working with government agencies, such as military bases, federal buildings or government offices. An institutional designer focuses on projects such as child care, educational, religious, correctional and recreational facilities, fire and police stations, courts, embassies, libraries, auditoriums, museums and transportation terminals.

Health Care
Healthcare Interior design field has achieved great importance over the past few years. Healthcare designers create environments for hospitals, clinics, examination rooms, surgical suites, mobile units, hospice care homes, nursing, assisted living or long term care facilities, laboratories or any other health care environment. They create comfortable and sophisticated healthcare environment for both staff and the patients that can helpful in rapid recovery of patients health.   

Hospitality and Recreation Interior Design is extremely need to create strong first impression on customers. Hospitality designer focuses on environments that entertain or host the public, including nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, hotels, city and country clubs, golf facilities, cruise ships, casinos and conference facilities.   

Office interior design gives a productive and professional look for the office space. It is highly consequential to increase your  business brand and its core values. Office interior designer focuses on the both public and private areas utilized by corporate and professional service firms. They Design your office structure according to employee comfort using feasible furniture, suitable glass or wooden partition etc.
Retail/Store Planning
Retail design and store planning concentrate on retail venues, including boutiques, department stores, outlets, showrooms, food retailing centers and shopping malls. Retail interior designer focus on window displays, furnishings, lighting, flooring and store structure to built and develop brand consciousness and increase sales. They create an engaging environment that can feel the customer comfortable and pleasant.


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